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With just one simple tap, interact and expand your network to unlock unlimited opportunities.
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100+ Companies use GOTAP

One Smart Solution to Start Your Success

With just one simple tap, interact and expand your network to unlock unlimited opportunities.

The First Impression Count

Be outstanding and this with every time you show your card. In today’s age, nobody likes old fashion paper business cards anymore. Create an experience for everyone you meet.

Make it Unforgettable

The most important data at a glance and stored in the phone with just one click. Forget lost business cards and the annoying typing of all data.

Unlimited Connection

With the GOTAP Smart Business Card, you can make an impression at any meeting, whether business or personal without any number limit.

Make a Strong
First Impression with GOTAP

Connect Without Apps

Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading apps! With GOTAP NFC Cards, you can easily connect without the need to install any apps.

NFC Technology

Prepare yourself for the future. GOTAP with NFC technology allows you to share contact info and other personal details with just one tap. It's convenient and modern!

Easy to Manage

Seamlessly organize and update your contact network. GOTAP NFC cards are designed for efficient management.

Unlimited Use

Build connections without limits. GOTAP NFC cards are ready to share and use anytime.

Environment Friendly

Switch to greener solutions with our GOTAP NFC Card. Get digitally connected and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Various Theme

Showcase your personality or branding freely. Choose from a variety of themes to suit your taste and character or your business brand.

People Love to
Use Gotap

Innovative Networking Tool!

"The Gotap NFC Smart Business Card is a game-changer for modern networking. Its sleek design and NFC technology offer a seamless way to share contact details digitally. Impress clients with tech-savvy business card."

General Manager

Absolutely Innovative!

“Upgrade your networking game with the Gotap NFC Smart Business Card. Say goodbye to traditional paper cards and embrace the future of exchanging information effortlessly. Stay ahead in the business world with this cutting-edge solution.”

Agung Jaya
Head of Marketing

Redefining Business Networking!

"Step into the future of networking with the Gotap NFC Smart Business Card. Impress colleagues and prospects with its futuristic design and seamless digital contact sharing. Upgrade your business card game today!"

CEO Iban Design

Frequently Asked Questions

NFC is a technology that allows users to send mobile numbers and contact details to other mobile phones without having to enter the details manually.

Each Profile can be linked up to 1 Card and 1 Sticker. If you want to add more profiles, you can buy more Cards and Stickers with different Accounts. We provide 1 Profile URL per Card/Sticker! Example: If you need a Card for Personal Use and a Card for Business Purposes with different Data, you will need to create additional accounts.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with a link to create a profile. This is where you can enter all of your contact information, as well as social media accounts or URLs for your business services.

You can change your personal information in real time through your GOTAP account on the website in a few seconds. Just go to your profile and edit your phone number or other details.

No. It's as simple as using your phone, the technology is comparable to Apple and Android, all the features of GOTAP are now available on modern smartphones.

Yes you can! Just visit Business Solutions and contact us for the best solution for your business. We can supply and customize your card to your needs. We provide future-oriented solutions to help you transform your business!

Basically all mobile phones that support NFC technology can use GOTAP cards/stickers, otherwise we provide QR codes in the cards which can be scanned to make our cards fully compatible and ready to use. Our GOTAP tap feature is compatible with all iPhone XR and newer models (September 2018) having NFC technology enabled. For Android phones, almost 90% of the phones on the Indonesian market are compatible.

The smart business card from GOTAP will be the last business card you need! More than 10 billion paper business cards are printed annually worldwide, 88% of which are stored in only the first week. You don't need to buy paper cards anymore. Every time you change your card details, you save paper. Therefore you save the Environment!

Don't worry if your Gotap card is lost or damaged. Your data is stored safely, you only need to buy a new Gotap digital business card without the need to fill in the data from the start. Contact us at [email protected] or directly via our WhatsApp and we can provide you with a Replacement Card for a fraction of the initial cost.
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