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How Does GOTAP Work?

Buy Card

Visit the official GOTAP website, buy the product you want, fill out the form and we will send your product.

Ready to Use

The card is ready to use, you can share your contacts with everyone and make new connections with just one tap.

Easy Manage

Want to update your profile? Don’t worry, you can customize your profile at any time using the account on your card.

Build an Integrated Team with GOTAP for Business

With GOTAP, exchanging information between team members is fast and efficient; one tap and all important data is saved on your colleagues’ phones, without the worry of lost business cards. GOTAP for Business also provides a centralized platform to manage your team’s business profile, maintaining consistent company branding and comes with analytics features to monitor and assess employee performance, providing valuable insights for further team development.

Unleash Your Potential with GOTAP for Individual

Unleash your potential through GOTAP for Individual. Share your profile, portfolio, and contact information in the latest style effectively. Take full advantage of networking and interaction with GOTAP for Individual features to create great first impressions and forge meaningful, sustainable relationships. In an increasingly digital age, choose to excel with GOTAP.

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