How does GOTAP Work?

GOTAP Smart Card for Smart Business

GOTAP smart business card will leave you with a memorable impression at every meeting. We also offer you Smart Sticker to support your business needs. With our technology, all you need to do is hold the Smart Card or GOTAP Card up to a phone or scan the QR code and your virtual profile business is displayed.

3 Easy Steps to Get Product

1.Buy Card

Visit the official GOTAP website, buy the product you want, fill out the form and we will send your product.

2.Ready to Use

The card is ready to use, you can share your contacts with everyone and make new connections with just one tap.

3.Easy Manage

Want to update your profile? Don’t worry, you can customize your profile at any time using the account on your card.

Be Flexible with GOTAP Smart Card

You can update and customize your virtual business profile at any time. So if you change your mobile number you don’t have to buy a new card. You can also use the URL on any social media and leave a lasting impression online.

Don't waste your time, let's make smart connection!

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