Advance Business Solutions by SATUVISION

As a partner company of the digital marketing agency SATUVISION, we are able to offer you customized solutions in the field of technical marketing and mobile marketing. Then choose how you wanna use the Technical Communication Tool is up to you and we assist you with your custom setup.

We Provide Various Best Solutions for Your Business

Smart Card and
Smart Sticker

You can use the GOTAP Smart Card or Sticker to facilitate the connectivity of information exchange in various business sectors such as :
  • Hotel
  • Invitation
  • Restaurant
  • Property
  • Shop
  • Individual
  • Tracking
  • Custom Links
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Video Brochure

We provide video brochure services that you can use to support your marketing needs for your business such as :
  • Branding
  • Presentation
  • Real Estate
  • Invitation
  • Gift
  • Poster
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Technical Marketing Campaigns

Want to increase sales? Don’t worry you can trust us to help your marketing campaign with the support of our professional marketing team.
  • Overlapping Digital & Offline
  • Customer Data
  • Leads Generation
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AR & VR Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for a new era of marketing. Make sure you want to get involved in these changes early in order to stand out from the competition. Don’t worry, we can help you with that. Come on contact us!
  • Room Tour
  • Selling Overseas
  • Real Estate
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Loyalty Membership Card Supplier

We offer the best solution to easy maintain customer loyalty with state-of-the-art NFC technology coupled with eye-catching custom design that represent your business.
  • Design a Card with Your Brand Book
  • Distribute Rewards Based on Points
  • Redeem Customer Points Easily
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Solutions for Your Restaurant

Transform your restaurant and online reputation effortlessly. Redefine success with our cutting-edge solutions.
  • Reputation Manager
  • Restaurant QR Menu
  • All in One Package
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