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Is Paper Business Card Still Worth in The Digital Age?

We are excited to embrace smart business cards, which are NFC-powered and allow people to totally discard paper waste. A well-designed business card is a fantastic method to separate oneself from the competition. Deforestation is the primary cause for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Paper business cards are manufactured by the millions every year, […]

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How Name Card Evolve Into Smart Card

Nowadays, Smart cards have replaced traditional name cards and are superior to traditional ones. Let’s find out more about how name cards evolve into the smart card. History of Name Card Here Are 6 Reasons Why Smart Cards Should Be Your Choice History of Name Card The name card has a big influence on the […]

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Why QR Code Restaurant Menu Can Increase Sales Significantly?

QR code restaurant menu can be used to help customers order their favorite food or drinks directly from the restaurant menu. Why it is now commonly used to increase sales significantly? QR code is a specific bar code that QR stands for quick response and seen on most products nowadays, especially in the food industry. […]

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How to Scan QR Code on Android and iPhone?

Scanning QR Code has become an essential feature of smartphones these days. How to Scan QR code on Android and iPhone? QR Codes, sometimes known as Quick Response Codes, is a type of matrix code used to store and transmit data. The QR Code is a two-dimensional matrix code in which it can contain information […]

Cara Menggunakan NFC pada HP Android dan iPhone

How to Use NFC on Android and iPhone?

Activating the NFC option is a good idea for you as a user to gain convenience. This NFC feature is available on Android and iPhone, so how to use NFC on both devices? NFC itself stands for Near Field Communication. This feature is useful for connecting two devices at the same time. The key is […]

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How to Use NFC Smart Tag?

There are currently lots of NFC-enabled products with NFC chips. One of the products is NFC Smart Tag. In this article we will explain how to use the NFC Smart Tag. How many things do you usually carry with you? A wallet is most likely to hold and organize credit cards, cash, ID cards, and […]

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Smart Tag: What Are The Advantage?

It would have seemed like science fiction a few years ago to think that you might pay for your purchases or food money only by connecting two tiny electronic gadgets together. Now the technology exists! It’s all made possible thanks to the smart tag. Quick View What is a Smart Tag? Advantages of the Smart […]

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Smart Tag Price & Where to Buy?

Smart tags are also known as smart labels or smart price tags. Where to buy the card? Smart tags are also known as smart labels or smart price tags. A smart tags is a small item affixed to an object and used for tracking and identifying the object, which can be read by smart label […]