Limited Edition NFC Card

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GOTAP Limited Edition NFC Card can make it easier for you to connect with many people with one tap. Equipped with NFC technology that can make it easier for you to exchange various information.

One account can only buy 1 Smart Card and 1 Smart Sticker/Tag with the same link in it. If you need more, Order Individual Card or Sticker/Tag here.

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Limited Edition NFC Card

GOTAP Limited Edition NFC Card will leave an unforgettable impression on every occasion. With an Indonesian Batik design and equipped with advanced NFC technology, the GOTAP NFC card will bring you a seamless connection that is fast and easy. We also offer Smart Tags / Smart Stickers to support your business needs.

How to Use the GOTAP NFC Card

With our NFC card technology, all you need to do is tap the GOTAP NFC Digital Business Card on your phone or scan the QR code and your virtual profile will be displayed. You can update and customize your virtual business profile at any time. So if you change your mobile number, you don’t need to buy a new card. You can use the URL as well on any social media to leave a lasting impression online.

Advanced GOTAP NFC Card Features

Hassle-free & efficient Networking Cards with NFC technology are designed as a communication tool to quickly and easily exchange contact information with your networks. Make your Networking activities more efficient!

Input More Information About Yourself With the Limited Edition NFC Card, users can enter their cellphone number, email, social media account link and portfolio link. Personalize your digital business cards Everytime-Where easily.

Eco-friendly NFC card Ditch the traditional paper business cards. The Limited Edition NFC Card is the last Business Card you need. Change your card details without changing your card again!

Activate the Limited Edition NFC Card

  1. Buy a Limited Edition NFC Card, fill out the form and we will send your product.
  2. Enter data according to the form then your account is ready.
  3. Personalize your profile whenever and wherever.
Dimensions 8,6 × 5,4 × 0,15 cm



Black with Batik Design


NFC & QR Code


5 gr


5.4 x 8.6 cm


PVC Durability Water resistant


Water Resistant

Safe Packaging

Products are shipped in secure packaging to help prevent products from being damaged during the shipping process. In addition, we ensure that the product packaging can meet the ergonomic side so that you can easily carry it anywhere. We also ensure that the packaging we use is environmentally friendly. You can find information about the product on the packaging easily.


Professional Delivery

The product you ordered will be sent in collaboration with various professional shipping companies in Indonesia. You can choose delivery providers such as JNE, J&T, TIKI, Wahana, POS Indonesia, SiCepat, and others complete with the types of delivery they each offer. You can adjust to your needs.

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