A finger tap on the lock screen of an iPhone 15 with the background colored orange and blue before it activates NameDrop.

A Quick Guide to Activate NameDrop on iPhone 15

Imagine a future where your smartphone can simplify your communication even more. Well, with iPhone 15’s NameDrop, that future is here. But how does it work? In this article, we’ll walk…

three customize smart tag/sticker on the dark desk with working properties surround them

Can NFC Tag Be Customized?

Today’s smartphones frequently include NFC functionality, and mobile users can buy and obtain tags online. Since tag memory capacity varies from tag to tag, the quantity of data that can…

Kartu Nama Digital, Alasan Kartu Nama Ketinggalan Jaman header

Why are Business Card Outdated?

Business cards are still required, but business development must continue in a changing world. In this article we will discuss why business cards are out of date, business card alternatives,…

Smart Tag What Are The Advantage header

Smart Tag: What Are The Advantage?

It would have seemed like science fiction a few years ago to think that you might pay for your purchases or food money only by connecting two tiny electronic gadgets…

Berapa Harga NFC Smart Tag Dimana Membelinya header

Smart Tag Price & Where to Buy?

Smart tags are also known as smart labels or smart price tags. Where to buy the card? Smart tags are also known as smart labels or smart price tags. A…

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