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Introducing GOTAP as Loyalty Membership Cards Supplier. We offer the ultimate solution to sustaining customer loyalty with ease with advanced NFC technology coupled with captivating customized designs that represent your business.

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    About GOTAP Loyalty Membership Card With
    Advance NFC Technology

    GOTAP’s loyalty membership cards utilize advanced NFC technology to foster strong customer relationships for your business. Elevate engagement by providing exclusive, personalized experiences that emphasize value and connection, leaving a lasting impact on your customers.

    Loyalty Membership Cards for
    Lasting Connection

    Loyalty membership cards have been an effective way for businesses to build lasting connections with their customers.  Specifically designed to reward and motivate customers who consistently choose your business. Provide exclusive benefits and personalized experiences and make loyal customers feel valued and appreciated.


    NFC-enabled loyalty membership cards provide effortless interactions between the cardholder’s device (such as a smartphone) and compatible terminals. Customers can simply tap or wave their card near the terminal without needing physical contact or swiping

    Boost Customer Engagement

    When you implement a loyalty program with membership cards, it opens up opportunities for your business to actively connect and engage with your customers. You’ll gain valuable insights into their preferences, behaviors, and buying habits.

    Targeted Marketing Opportunities

    By leveraging the valuable information gathered from loyalty programs, your business can tap into crucial details about your customers’ preferences. This knowledge empowers you to create highly targeted marketing campaigns that cater specifically to these specific audience segments.

     Develop Your Business
    Rewards Cards Points

    Rewards card points have become an effective way for businesses to encourage customer loyalty. Customers earn points or rewards based on their purchases, creating a win-win situation for businesses and customers.
    <br>Take control of rewarding your customers by developing your own unique rewards cards or points system using our innovative NFC technology. Create tailored incentives that align perfectly with your business objectives and attract new customers while nurturing existing ones through an enticing rewards program powered by GOTAP loyalty membership card

    Simplicity and

    Rewards cards simplify the process of tracking and redeeming points. With just a swipe or tap, customers can effortlessly accumulate points toward exciting perks.

    NFC Technology Enhancements

    When integrating NFC technology into your rewards card system, you elevate the user experience even further. Customers simply need to tap their device near the terminal for quick point accumulation or redemption – no physical contact is required.


    NFC-enabled rewards card systems offer heightened security measures during transactions. The encrypted communication between devices ensures that sensitive information remains protected throughout point collection or redemption processes.

    Why GOTAP is Your Best Loyalty Membership Card Supplier

    Our NFC technology integrated into our smart membershipcards sets us apart. This advanced feature allows for seamless interactions between customer devices and compatible terminals through a simple tap or wave, enhancing user experience while ensuring secure transactions.

    At GOTAP, we pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the loyalty membership cards we produce. From high-quality PVC materials that ensure durability and longevity to precise dimensions that fit seamlessly in wallets or cardholders’ pockets — every detail matters.

    We understand the importance of reflecting your brand identity through your loyalty membership program cards. That’s why we offer comprehensive customization options for our cards. You can choose from various finishes (matte or glossy), and add unique designs or logos that represent your business accurately in creating a truly personalized touch.

    As part of our commitment to sustainability, all of our loyalty membership cards are eco-friendly. By utilizing environmentally conscious materials without compromising quality or functionality, we help reduce environmental impact while aligning with businesses that prioritize sustainability.

    GOTAP Advantages

    GOTAP loyalty membership cards offer a multitude of advantages that set them apart from the competition.


    With our cost-effective solutions, businesses of all sizes can implement a powerful loyalty program that ensures maximum value for your business investment.

    Unlimited Uses

    Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a digital smart card that can be used anytime and anywhere and easily access loyalty membership benefits right at their fingertips


    GOTAP loyalty membership cards are designed to be versatile and adaptable. Whether it’s rewarding purchases or tracking points towards exclusive benefits or discounts – the possibilities are endless.

    Easy Management

    Managing customer data and loyalty program activity seamlessly while gaining valuable insights into purchasing patterns through comprehensive analytics features.

    High-level Security

    Rest assured that our advanced security measures ensure safe data transactions and protect personal information from potential threats or breaches.

    Analytics Capabilities

    With built-in analytics capabilities offered by GOTAP, you gain access to vital information about preferences, trends, and engagement levels – empowering informed decision-making for targeted marketing campaigns.

    How GOTAP Loyalty Membership Card Works?

    User Registration

    Input user's Information on GOTAP back-end

    Users Will Receive Login Credentials for Mobile App

    Register User’s NFC Loyalty Membership Card

    Handover GOTAP Loyalty Membership Card to Users

    Users are Officially The Members of Loyalty Membership Card

    User Registration

    Input user's Information on GOTAP back-end

    Handover GOTAP Loyalty Membership Card to Users

    Users Will Receive Login Credentials for Mobile App

    Users are Officially The Members of Loyalty Membership Card

    Register User’s NFC Loyalty Membership Card

    Rewards Points Redemptions

    Your team adds rewards points on GOTAP back-end

    Members or user checking rewards in GOTAP app

    Members or users visit your location and redeem the rewards points

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    Smart business card with NFC technology. We also provide smart stickers/tags and other custom business solutions.

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