Metal NFC Card PRO

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Introducing Metal NFC Card PRO, the ultimate premium solution for communications and marketing. This card is made of high-quality metal material, giving it a professional look. This latest edition features a special material that is more elastic and thinner on the back of the card to lighten the weight of the card and speed up NFC connections.

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Metal NFC Card PRO

This is the Metal NFC Card PRO, a high-end marketing and communication solution. Crafted from high-quality metal, these cards feature a luxurious feel. The latest edition offers a special material (PVC) that is more elastic and thinner on the back, reducing the weight of the card and speeding up NFC connections.

How to Use Metal NFC Card PRO

Via our NFC card technology, simply tap the Metal NFC Card PRO to your phone or scan the QRcode, and your virtual profile will appear instantly. You can update and customize your virtual business profile at any time. So, if you change your mobile number, there is no need to buy a new card. You can also use the URL on any social media to create a lasting impression online.

Metal NFC Card PRO Advantages

● Equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology, it is possible to share your profile easily and conveniently with just one tap on the card.
● Metal NFC Card PRO is a strong and durable material, ensuring that your cards will withstand environmental conditions and be used for long periods.
● Metal NFC Card PRO cards can also be customized with your designs and information, making them a great fit for any profession.
● This latest edition product is equipped with special material on the back of the card. With thinner material, it is light to hold and makes it easier to communicate very quickly.

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● Personalize your profile anytime and anywhere, easy and fast.

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Dimensions 8,6 × 5,4 × 0,15 cm

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