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Exploring Unique & Inspirational Examples of Brand Personality

A brand is not just a name or logo that represents your products or services. It reflects who you are as a company and how you want to be perceived by consumers.

One important aspect of a brand is its “Brand Personality.” Let’s delve further into this concept and explore how you can build a unique and inspirational brand personality. Check it out!

Building Brand Personality for Brands (2023)

Brand personality refers to the qualities or characteristics attributed to a brand, which make it unique and different from competitors.

These qualities can include openness, courage, trustworthiness, honesty, and many more.

Therefore, recently brand personality has been closely related to brand positioning or how a brand wants to be perceived in consumers’ minds.

Brand personality is one of the crucial elements that help brands establish and maintain their positions.

For example, if an automobile brand wants to position itself as a safe and reliable choice for their target audience, they may choose a brand personality that reflects traits such as safety, trustworthiness, consistency, and responsibility. This way they can deliver their value as a brand effectively and be more easily remembered by consumers.

In the digital era of 2023, brand personality becomes increasingly important. The market has become highly competitive with many brands offering similar products and services.

An interesting study shows that consumers tend to prefer brands relevant to their own personalities

When the personality of a brand aligns with consumers’ self-image it creates identification and ownership feelings.This ultimately increases their likelihood of choosing that brand over others.

In such situations, having a strong brand personality can be a determining factor in whether consumers choose your brand or your competitors’.

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Examples of Brand Personality in the Real World

Lima contoh Brand Personality framework by GOTAP.

In the business world, many big brands have successfully created their own brand personalities. This is not a coincidence but rather the result of well-planned and executed branding strategies. These companies understand that shaping and maintaining a strong and consistent brand personality is key to building successful and memorable brands.

As consumers, we often unconsciously perceive certain brands based on their brand personalities. For example, when we think about brands like Harley-Davidson, we may envision freedom, adventure, and rebellion. This is not accidental but rather the effect of the brand personality that Harley-Davidson has built and instilled in our minds as consumers.

Let’s take a look at some concrete examples of how prominent brands have successfully created and maintained their brand personalities:

NIKE – Competence

Kaki seorang atlet berlari dengan sepatu NIKE

Nike is a perfect example of a brand that has successfully shaped a competent brand personality.With its famous slogan “Just Do It,” Nike has established an image as abold, innovative,and inspirationalbrand.They consistentlyencourage customersand top athletes to go beyond limitsand reachtheir full potential.

Coca-Cola – Happiness

Coca-Cola is another brand that has successfully create da strong and consistent brand personality. With a focus on happiness and enjoyment, Coca-Cola has managed to establish an image as a cheerful, friendly, and optimistic brand. They always strive to create moments of joy and social connection in the lives of their consumers.

Red Bull – Spirit

One of the most striking examples of a successful brand personality is Red Bull. This energy drink brand has created a strong and reliable image as an icon of spirit, courage, and adventure.

When thinking of Red Bull, we imagine extreme sports, adventure, and excitement.

We imagine people performing breathtaking ski jumps, getting adrenaline pumping with car races, or gliding through the air on aerobatic wings.. This is the result of Red Bull’s consistent efforts in building and maintaining their brand personality.

Ways to Build Brand Personality Building a brand personality

Build Brand Personality Building a brand personality requires deep knowledge about your target audience and your business strengths.

Before establishing your brand’s personality, start by understanding your target audience through the following ways:

  1. Consistency in Brand Communication: Your brand communication, including the messages you convey and how you deliver them, should always be consistent with the brand personality you have created. This includes everything from logo design, color choices to tone of voice in your communications.
  1. Interacting with Customers: A brand is about relationships, and there are no relationships without interactions. By regularly and authentically engaging with your customers, you can strengthen your brand personality and build closer relationships with them
  1. Using Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into how your brand is perceived. You can use this information to reinforce specific aspects of your brand personality or make adjustments if needed.

Defining and Implementing Your Brand Personality

1. Identifying Your Target Market: The first step in building a brand personality is understanding who comprises your target market.

Ilustrasi target audiens dengan seorang pria memegang busur panah untuk mencapai sasaran.

They are the ones who will interact with your brand, so understanding what they like, the values they hold, and what they expect from a brand is important.

2. Determining Your Brand Values and Principles: What core values does your brand uphold? What is its mission and vision? Answering these questions will help you determine the basic characteristics of your brand personality

3. Creating a Brand Persona: A brand persona is the fictional representation of your ideal customer. By creating a brand persona, you can help shape how you want your brand to be perceived.

4.Establishing Company Branding Guidelines: Remember that brand personality is closely related to consistency. Thus, having a company branding guideline is the important tool to ensure all of your team, especially sales and marketing, represent your brand with clear and consistent messaging.

Remember that brand personality is about creating an identity for your brand that resonates with your target market and reflects your core values.


In today’s digital era, shaping a strong and consistent brand personality is key to successful branding. It not only helps your brand stand out among competitors but also fosters deeper relationships with your customers.

Examples like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull demonstrate the importance of brand personality in influencing consumer perception and experience. Therefore, it is important to understand and implement strategies for building a brand personality. Remember that the success of a brand is not solely determined by its products or services but also how it presents itself and interacts with its customers.

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