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Why are Business Card Outdated?

Business cards are still required, but business development must continue in a changing world. In this article we will discuss why business cards are out of date, business card alternatives, and the reasons why.

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Why Business Cards are Outdated

In today’s corporate environment, a business card is no longer relevant. Instead of carrying their business card, the professional who used to do so now carries their phone to display contact information.

Even if the businessperson does not have their phone, you may discover business information online. Paper cards have been around for centuries, but they won’t exist in a post COVID-19 world. It’s very unlikely that you would receive a germ-infested item from a stranger these days.

Because of social distancing rules, face-to-face networking has slowed down but online networking has become more frequent. This is a positive thing: life is built of our interactions with others, and the ability to meet and connect with new individuals is how we develop personal and professional relationships, whether over Webex or a Zoom call.

We’re turning our social interactions and gatherings into digital experiences instead of stopping everything we’d previously done in person. After the coronavirus outbreak, we’re adjusting to a new normal, and that’s what it’ll take to navigate life after the virus.

Paper business cards will become increasingly obsolete as we enter this era of virtually-driven social gatherings. However, they have paved the path for something fresh: digital business cards. Business card alternatives such as digital business cards allow you to view a company person’s business information and contact them in a matter of seconds.

Although business cards are still important, the type of business card we need right now is considerably more advanced than what we needed previously. The information on your company’s website should be readily available at all times, not tucked away in your wallet behind your business card.

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Business Card Alternatives

Since the 18th century, business cards have been used as a standard business tool. It’s a sign of recognition and has also enabled business owners to network with people they would never have met.

Because they’re not as readily available as digital business cards, paper business cards are now outdated. Digital Business cards can also be personalized, allowing company owners to customize the card’s content.

The electronic version of your typical paper business card is known as a digital business card. There are several digital business card programs available that allow you to generate and personalize your cards.

Many of them are free to use. Traditional paper business cards are slowly becoming extinct, and digital business cards are increasingly more accessible and shareable than ever before. When it comes to passing contact information, they will soon become the preferred choice.

The Reason Why

Here are five reasons why digital business cards will soon be the preferred method of contact.

Digital business cards are germ-free. We don’t know where they or their hands have been when we first meet someone.


There’s no need to touch anything with digital cards because they’re entirely touch-free. Digital business cards may not only be shared with someone without exposing you to germs but also help prevent the spread of disease.

Exchange Information Easily

Exchanging business cards previously necessitated that you be in the same location as your contact to share and receive cards. GOTAP, a digital business card and contact management software, provides a seamless means to communicate information with anybody from afar. Even if they don’t have the app, you may make and send your digital card information to anyone with GOTAP.


Every time you change careers, advance in your career, or update your email address, it’s only natural that you’ll need to order new business cards. With GOTAP, you don’t need to order a new business card, you just need to update the information you want!

Saving Money

Digital business cards are frequently offered without charge, and by going digital, you may modify your card on the move. You may also include more information to your digital card than you could with a paper card. Add videos, social media profiles, birthdays, anniversaries, and more to your cards; they’re configurable and may be updated at any time.

Eco Friendly

Did you know that 7 million trees are destroyed each year for paper business cards? With 90% of paper business cards discarded immediately, that’s a lot of wasted paper. Digital cards are better for the environment. They don’t create waste and they help to reduce emissions to the environment.

You May Scan Paper Cards With Your Digital Business Card Software

If someone tries to give you a paper card, you don’t have to reject it. A few business card applications include built-in business card scanners, so go ahead and ask the individual to hold up their card before scanning it with your phone.

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