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Understanding The Importance Of Smart Business Cards to Brand Image

The quality of your brand image has a huge impact on how clients see you and whether or not they choose to do business with you, therefore at first glance, the reputation and image of a firm may appear to be synonymous. Image and reputation, however, diverge in a number of ways. Your company’s image is reflected in how consumers view and feel about its goods. A company’s reputation is not based on analysis, thought, or information; rather, it is based on perception and generally held beliefs about your brand.

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What is Brand Image?

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The customer’s view of your brand as a result of their interactions is known as brand image. It can change over time and isn’t dependent on customers buying from you or using your services. It’s crucial to put in a lot of effort to uphold a consistent brand image because consumers may have varying impressions of your company.

Businesses invest a lot of work in curating the voice, personality, and market positioning of their brands. It extends beyond outward manifestations like having a distinctive mark, symbol, or logo that businesses can use to set themselves apart from competitors. All of these brand building blocks influence how customers engage with and perceive your company, which results in your brand image.

Four Brand Image Features That Your Business Cards Should Include

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Without a doubt, your business cards should have your logo in some capacity. Consider well-known companies that don’t even need to give out their company name, like Nike and Starbucks. When we see the Nike tick or the green mermaid, we immediately recognize the brand. Since you only have a very small amount of room to work with on a business card, having your logo anywhere on it helps to emphasize your brand image. In addition, a well-designed logo becomes the unmistakable representation of your company’s ideals and instills admiration in the hearts of your clients.


Your brand colors are a requirement for your business cards because they will make you more recognizable to potential clients. For example, McDonald’s immediately comes to mind when we think of red and yellow, while UPS comes to mind when we think of brown and gold. The power of color is in this. In fact, a University of Loyola study demonstrates that color boosts brand identification by 80%, contributing significantly to the identity of your company. It would be odd if your brand’s colors were blue and yellow but your business cards were red. Customers might think you’re a bad company to invest in because of this unclear and inconsistent behavior.


As crucial as your brand colors are your typography. Once more, you want your customers to recognize your brand when they see the fonts you use. Satuvision is a good example of this.


Slogans, also known as taglines, provide clients with information about your brand that isn’t provided by your logo. It not only clarifies what your company truly performs, but it also helps to set you apart from your rivals.

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Three Goals That Business Card Have To Achieved

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It may not be difficult to come up with a new design, but it’s crucial that your new business card (and all other collateral) is consistently on-brand and current with your corporate narrative.

Your business card must primarily accomplish the following three tasks:

  • Attract potential customers’ attention (acquisition)
  • Briefly describe your identity and work (branding)
  • Encourage customers to contact you (engagement)

These objectives won’t be met by an outdated card that has outdated branding and outdated information. However, if your card achieves the following three objectives, there is a greater likelihood that prospects will preserve it for future use when they are in need of your services. For this reason, it is crucial that you revamp your cards as and when necessary.

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Reasons Why Should Your Business Card Be Updated

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As we’ve previously discussed, it’s crucial that you maintain all of your marketing materials current as your company and brand development. Companies may need to alter their business cards for a few different reasons.

They include: The business undergoes a rebranding (new logo, colors, etc.)

  • There is fresh business data (new phone number, new offices, etc.)
  • The demand for a unique design for particular occasions (trade shows, meetings, etc.)
  • Or simply because you are not seeing the desired results from your business cards.
  • You require a design that is simple to change because of the rapid development in your headcount.

The final point made here is crucial: business cards are by nature marketing tools and should be used to advertise your company. Some businesses are encouraging potential customers to take action by utilizing modern features like QR codes. If you’ve distributed hundreds of business cards but haven’t received any leads, there may be a problem with the design; perhaps it’s unclear, difficult to see, or fails to communicate the value you provide. Whatever the cause, an update is necessary.

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How Smart Business Cards Improving Brand Image

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Being consistent in all you do is key to developing a strong brand image for your company. Since they appear more professional, smart business cards can enhance the company’s brand image and increase customers’ trust. Strong first impressions produced by smart business cards provide customers with a more credible impression of your company.

According to studies, presenting your brand consistently might raise your sales by 23%. Therefore, ensure that your website, social media platforms, and tangible marketing materials, such as your business cards, all use the same branding and messaging.


One important factor in a company’s ability to draw in more customers is its brand image. It shapes a brand’s image and reputation in consumers’ minds. Therefore, with a dependable smart business card like GOTAP, you may reach the goal of a strong brand image and perception in the minds of the customers while also helping to keep consistency in your businesses.

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