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History of Name Card: How Paper Made Name Card Evolve Into Smart Card

Nowadays, Smart cards have replaced traditional name cards and are superior to traditional ones. Let’s find out more about how name cards evolve into the smart card.

History of Name Card

The name card has a big influence on the daily life of human beings. It is a kind of social behavior in business and some other occasions, which has been used since the Qin Dynasty of China over 2000 years ago.

In some past times, it is just a small piece of paper with the person’s name written by hand. Nowadays, name cards are no longer limited to pieces of paper. Instead, name cards are becoming more and more specialized due to its functions which keep increasing every year.

Mentioning the development of the name card, the first generation Name Card was made of metals such as copper and silver in ancient China. However, it was too expensive for an individual to afford it. Second generation Name Card was made of paper and the third one is the modern smart card which contains a chip.

Smart cards originated when consumer demands for convenience and security outstripped the capabilities of magnetic stripe cards. Stored value cards for payphones were introduced in Europe in the early 1980s, providing more data storage and added protection. These early smart cards were disposable, which helped to minimize losses.

Smart cards can perform most of the functions that modern name cards do, such as storing information and protecting personal privacy. They are small in size, light in weight, wear-resistant, easy to carry.

Smart cards can be used for many daily life occasions, such as banking, business, and also exchange personal information. They have existed for over 25 years now! What’s more, it is durable to use.

Smart cards are also safe to use compared with modern name cards because it possess the function of preventing information leaks to the third party. It also stores information in an encrypted form which is safer than name card.

At this time, environmentally friendly must also be considered, including in this smart card. The first step taken with an environmental smart card is to switch from paper to the plastic card, which would replace the name of the cards that are often made of trees.

Environmentally friendly smart cards might be a bit expensive for some business owners who buy them, but maybe they could think about this as a long-term investment in their business. It can be used for a number of purposes, including business, company events, and also exchange personal information.

They are also good for the earth because they do not require additional printing ink or plastic cover to protect them – both environmentally smart card is still good in terms of aesthetics, appearance, and value compared to traditional paper name card.

Mostly the card contains a microchip embedded in the body, which stores information about a person who carry them. This type of environmentally friendly smart card is the most modern smart card is now widely used for all purposes, especially in business.

The chip act as an anti-fraud device that also does not require any writing on the back of their cards with pencils or pens – another way they are good for our environment.

It now becoming very popular because of its modern look, durability and high security. Now it is widely used in different areas, especially for business purposes. Not sure if you should opt for a smart card?

Smart Card GOTAP

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Smart Cards Should Be Your Choice

Of course you are wondering why you should immediately choose a smart card? Here we summarize why!

Professional Look With Smart Cards

A smart card will give the user a more professional look. It’s far easier to pull them out of your wallet and hand them to someone with a single tap than writing down all of your contacts on paper.


In terms of cost, it’s cheap in the sense that one smart card can last for years until you decide to update it. Furthermore, when there is a higher volume, printing expenses are reduced. This implies that the more you print, the less expensive it becomes.

Eco Friendly

Forests are dying at an alarming rate throughout the world, making it a serious issue. Choosing a smart card is beneficial to the environment since it saves trees and prevents deforestation.

Simple Information Change

You may change anything about yourself at any time, from anywhere and at any time. It won’t cost you much to produce fresh business cards. You can easily change your information for free, and in seconds.


This smart card is made of plastic – whether it is PVC or polycarbonate, which means that they are more durable than paper cards and can stand up to repeated use.

Just With One Tap!

Smart card is now efficient, so you don’t have to worry about memorizing contact information. With a single tap of your smart card, the other individual will receive all the information they need!

Take advantage of the GOTAP digital card immediately, step into a new era and upgrade traditional business cards to digital with us!

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