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Is Paper Business Card Still Worth in The Digital Age?

We are excited to embrace smart business cards, which are NFC-powered and allow people to totally discard paper waste. A well-designed business card is a fantastic method to separate oneself from the competition.

Deforestation is the primary cause for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Paper business cards are manufactured by the millions every year, utilizing old-growth timber. Furthermore, paper production is one of the most resource-intensive and pollution-causing techniques that produce harmful air and water pollutants.

To make 4 pounds of paper, it consumes 170 gallons of water. 25% of paper waste ends up in landfills, where it decomposes and releases methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. That’s why we developed an option that uses the most efficient and environmentally friendly approach to solve this problem.

Smart business cards can not only convey your brand, but they may also allow potential clients and customers to contact you quickly and efficiently. A smart business card is made of PVC or polycarbonate, which is a strong and durable material.

This card’s lightweight and flexibility make it easy to carry. It’s compatible with an NFC chip, which allows you to exchange contact information contactless and in a secure manner. This smart business card includes a QR code on the back of this card, which will work nicely over video scans for older phones.

A smart business card is also the most effective first step to reduce environmental pollution by implementing sustainable methods and goods. Holding campaigns like every purchase of a smart business card, for example, ensures that the environment is preserved by planting 1 tree for each smart business card purchased.

Apart from that, users need to be smart in handling their smart business cards. This means recycling smart business cards intelligently by using smart practices such as being careful when handing over a smart business card, considering why you are throwing it away, and making sure to take advantage of all the features your smart card has to offer before recycling these smart cards.

Business cards are intended to be more than just a business card; they’re supposed to care about the world we live in and take action to make it better. A smart business card is a sign that reminds us how important trees, nature, and the environment are to our lives.

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Reason Why are Smart Business Cards Sustainable

A sustainable cause is something that can be associated with your brand, company, or product and make you stand out. That’s what people will remember when they find your card again in the future.

Despite all the technological advances, business cards still exist. But you can make it sustainable to create excuses for smart business cards by using the latest technology, and of course protecting your privacy.

Smart card technology provides several functions that may be used to give or improve privacy protection in systems. The following are features of how smart business cards may be utilized to preserve privacy.

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Smart cards may be used to authenticate people who want access to the card. The methods described above can be used to authenticate users, devices, and apps wanting to utilize the data stored on the chip in a card.

Secure Data Storage

Smart cards provide a secure way of storing data on the card. Only authorized users with the necessary access rights can access this information through the smart-card operating system. This feature can be used by a system to keep your data more private. The system will store the data on the card, not in a central database. This way, you know more about when and who has access to your data.

Strong Device Security

Smart card technology is difficult to counterfeit or duplicate, and it includes built-in tamper resistance. A smart card chip contains several hardware and software features that detect and react to counterfeiting attempts.

Secure Communications

Secure communication is possible between the card and the reader using smart cards. This functionality is identical to the one used in many networks. It allows smart cards to send and receive data securely, privately.

Personal Device

A smart card is a personal and portable device that can be linked to a specific cardholder. Personalization is another benefit of smart cards because they are frequently customized, they have a stronger relationship with the cardholder. While these features are self-evident, they may be used to enhance privacy. A business owner, for example, may keep business or personal data on their smart business card rather than printing it and carrying it with them everywhere.

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