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Smart Tag Price & Where to Buy?

Smart tags are also known as smart labels or smart price tags. Where to buy the card?

Smart tags are also known as smart labels or smart price tags. A smart tags is a small item affixed to an object and used for tracking and identifying the object, which can be read by smart label readers, also called smart tag scanners or smart check-out scanners.

The term smart tag is the name of an RFID smart label reader for low frequencies (125 kHz) and smart tags use high frequencies (13.56 MHz). Smart tags have been in use for more than a decade and are common in many industries especially retail. But sometimes we are still confused, how much smart tag price? And where to buy it?

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The Beginning

So you’ve heard of smart tags, but do you know how it all started?  The use of the Access Control is most common among nations in South and Southeast Asia. It was first used in Malaysia in 1999 and is now utilized as an entrance access security.

Touch ‘n Go is a Malaysian electronic wallet and mobile payment system that allows users to pay for their purchases by scanning the barcode displayed on the touchscreen of their phone or by entering in Plus Tag PIN number. Touch n’ Go SmartTAG was created, developed, and produced by Teras Teknologi.

EFKON Gmbh is the owner of the SmartTAG’s intellectual property rights. EFKON president Dr. Helmut Rieder was the one who established a collaboration with UEM to create Infrared Advance Technology Sdn Bhd (IRAT).

The latest model, the SmartTAG, is available for about RM130 each. This includes a free Touch ‘n Go card with a value of RM10.

SmartTAG was the first ETC system to incorporate infra-red communication, which communicated with infrared transceivers mounted at toll plazas’ ceilings to allow vehicle drivers to pass through SmartTAG dedicated lanes and pay toll without stopping. The capacity of the building is 1,200 automobiles per hour.

Smart Tag Price

Microsoft’s control technology includes smart tags, which are used in instances where a person may benefit from a formatting assist. It is part of Microsoft’s control technology and is presented as a unique shortcut menu that contains options such as paste, AutoCorrect, date, Person Name, and addresses, among others.

Tags with actions are called smart tags. The latter determines whether the information supplied by the user is a match for one of the smart tag words and, if so, executes the corresponding action. It may be accessed via a dedicated smart tag button.

As smart tags grow in popularity, many smart tag suppliers will start selling smart tags at affordable prices to everyone who needs them! In Indonesia, smart tags are sold at a price range of IDR (100,000-300,000). In addition, the price of the smart tag may vary depending on the features provided.

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