Digital vs Conventional – Which Business Name Card is Better?

As time goes by, business name card remain one of the communication media often used in building relationships or networks, and business people are no exception. Business cards are attached to a professional image, often packaged with attractive, authentic designs. Therefore business name cards are still very popular among business people as proof of the authenticity of their business.

But do you know that, as time goes by, business name cards are no longer just printed traditionally using paper? Many business name card are also turning into the digital realm!

How do digital business cards work? Which of the two options is better for doing business? Find the answer in this article!

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Differences between Digital and Conventional Business Card

Even though they have the same purpose, digital and conventional business cards have their own distinct characteristics. Before deciding to choose between conventional or digital business cards for doing business, find out the general differences between digital and conventional business cards below:

Conventional Business Card

Conventional business cards have long been known as a medium for channeling information to build relationships with people you want to contact again in the future—activities such as holding product launches, events, seminars, or various kinds of events. When someone asks for your business card, you can immediately give it easily and maximize opportunities to communicate your product or yourself with the information already printed on the business card.

Conventional business cards are made by printing paper as the permanent material. Therefore using a conventional business card when you want to update your phone number, email, website address, or other contact reprinting is the only way. In addition, conventional business cards are also limited or can run out according to the number of printed business cards

Digital Business Card

As the name implies, digital business cards work by maximizing the digital world in distributing information. Users can share email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and other application information in the form of links that can be modified at any time. Digital business cards also contain information such as title, company name, logo, and a profile photo with their contact information.

Made with NFC technology, exchanging information with digital business cards is slightly different from conventional business cards. Digital business cards provide information to individuals by transferring data to devices directly without physical exchange cards directly (digitally)

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What is a Business Name Card?

a phone shown a feature of gotap smart business card on the white apple macbook

Business name cards are often used and very well known, even by people who are not in the business industry. Apart from businessmen, business name cards have been widely used by professionals and companies from various industries.

Business name cards show information about an individual, group, and small, medium, or large business companies to potential clients or business partners. It is common for a business card to contain information regarding the giver’s name, company, and position. The business card also includes an address or business contact that can be contacted directly at certain times to make a business deal.

Business cards also play an important role in a company show its legitimacy. Business name cards used by companies generally contain the company’s brand name and logo, packed with an attractive design that shows the identity of each company. Apart from that, the company’s address and telephone number are listed, and the company’s website and email are often attached or even the company’s social media accounts.

To make it easier for readers to understand more deeply about business name cards, the following information is often included on business name cards:

  • Full name
  • Company name
  • Position
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email Tool
  • Office address
  • Website
  • Social media accounts (Optional)

Business Name Card Functions

Business people or companies can establish relationships anytime and anywhere with a business name card. By giving a business card to a potential client or other people who have the potential to become a business partner, it is important to ensure that the receiving party can find out complete contact information about the business actor or company. Other detailed information, such as the website, is useful for recipients of business cards to understand more about the company or details of social media accounts that show recipients the activities or character of a business person or a company.

A business card is also useful for removing consumer doubts about the quality of a business person or company. Business name cards are important as a medium that shows the professionalism and exclusivity of a company or business person. With a business card, these values will be maintained and increase efficiency in business processes.

Digital Vs Conventional Business Cards – Which Is Best For Doing Business?

someone finger hold gotap smart business card and phone next to the card shown the feature of gotap smart business card on the white table and coffee top corner right side

In doing business, digital and conventional business cards can be used as a medium to show complete information about the business actor. The two forms of each business card are useful for showing the legitimacy of a company or business actor.

However, in choosing business cards for doing business, there are many factors that must be considered to support the process of building relationships in business. From the efficiency, expenses, and professional image that you want to build.


The success indicator in building professional business relationships is to make a good first impression. But in building business networks, let’s say in an activity event where 100 other businessmen participate, apart from having a good first impression, it is also important to be different from the others. In terms of professionalism, of course, the two types of business card can show it. But the first impression with a more unforgettable experience is with a digital business card.

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Data Updating Efficiency

Regarding the efficiency of data, updating digital business cards is certainly the best choice. From changing phone numbers, e-mails, website addresses, and other information, digital business card users only need to change it on the website portal to personalize each user directly at any time without the need to change their card. Meanwhile, as we know, conventional business cards are made by printing directly on designed paper containing information about business people or companies. When updating information, conventional business card users must reprint it again.


Conventional business cards are limited or can run out according to the number of printed business cards. If your business cards run out, networking activities will most likely be hampered. Meanwhile, digital business cards are made with NFC technology, providing information to individuals by transferring data to devices without needing a physical card. Therefore, digital business cards are more economical in terms of expenses because one business person only needs one digital business card that can be used for a long time.


Building business relationships has its own challenges. Demonstrating professionalism and an unforgettable impression is essential to stand out from competitors. With all the advantages of a digital business name card, of course, it is the right option to become the business card of choice for carrying out productive business activities.

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