Cara Mengaktifkan NFC di iPhone 14 dan iPhone 14 Pro dengan panduan yang mudah dan cepat

How to Activate NFC On iPhone 14? Complete and Easy Guide

The iPhone 14 Apples masterpiece is not a regular smartphone. It is packed with features that aim to improve the user experience. Among these features, one that has caught the attention of many is Near Field Communication (NFC). In this guide, we will take a dive into how to activate NFC on iPhone 14 and discover its countless applications.

A Brief History of NFC

NFC technology may appear to be an advancement. Its origins can be traced back, to the early 1980s when radio frequency identification (RFID) was introduced. Throughout the years this technology has development has been made smaller in size and is now commonly found in contemporary smartphones, such, as our much-loved iPhone 14.

The Magic Behind NFC

A person's finger holding an iPhone 14 to bring it closer to the NFC Smart Tag GOTAP on a white table with a purple gradient as the background

NFC works based on the concept of induction. When two devices equipped with NFC come close, to each other they can quickly exchange data. This swift communication is what enables NFC applications that we use in our lives. 

Why Embrace NFC on Your iPhone 14?

how to activate nfc on phone 14 because he wants to use it for payments
  • Swift, Secure Transactions: Say farewell to those ending lines, with Apple Pay. Just tap, and make your payment. You’re good to go. It’s as easy, as that!
  • Connect & Share: Easily share everything from your Wi Fi settings to your playlist without any trouble.
  •   Smart Living: Try incorporating NFC tags into your home automation system. With a tap you can effortlessly create the perfect ambiance by adjusting the lighting or playing your favorite music.
  • Marketing & Business: It enables them to create business cards and deliver them, in-store experiences thereby revolutionizing the world of commerce.

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Diving Into How to Activate NFC on iPhone 14

  • Go to Settings: To access the settings, on your iPhone simply tap on the gear icon.
  • Locate ‘NFC & Accessory Settings’: Several other connectivity settings are nearby.
  • Activate NFC: Check to see if the NFC switch is on. Otherwise, tap it.

Pro tip: NFC functions optimally when there are obstacles. Make sure that your phone case is not causing any signal interference, especially when you make payments or read tags.

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Exploring NFC’s Potential Beyond Payments

how to activate nfc on phone 14 because it has many benefits, especially in professionalism
  • Interactive Gaming: Mobile games sometimes utilize NFC technology to unlock content. You can check out the App Store to find games that support NFC functionality.
  • Travel Smart: If you live in a city that has NFC-enabled public transportation you can use your iPhone as a travel card well.
  • Networking: The next time you go to a seminar or conference keep an eye out for badges that support NFC technology. It makes networking much easier and more seamless.

Making Sure Your NFC Functions Perfectly

  • Test with Tags: You can easily find NFC tags online. They offer an opportunity to experiment and explore this feature.
  • Visit an Apple Store: The professionals, at that place can provide a demonstration. Even share some clever techniques!


Facing issues? Let’s troubleshoot:

  • Restart Your Phone: Sometimes a simple restart can do wonders for your iPhone.
  • Check for IOS Updates: Make sure you have the most recent Apple software.
  • Positioning Matters: When you want to read an NFC tag or make a payment the ideal spot is the portion of your iPhone.

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Becoming proficient in how to activate NFC on iPhone 14 involves more than enabling a function; it entails embracing a realm of ease and creativity. Whether you’re a technology enthusiast or simply seeking to streamline your activities the NFC feature, on iPhone 14 will be your trustworthy companion. Embrace the future. Allow NFC to redefine your experience!


That’s all about how to activate NFC on iPhone 14. Once you’ve grasped the concept of NFC and successfully enabled it on your iPhone 14 the real excitement begins when you delve into harnessing its capabilities. The seamless integration of GOTAP, with your NFC-enabled devices brings convenience and a wide range of functionalities.

Dive into the future of NFC with GOTAP and experience efficiency like never before!

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