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How to Optimize Your Online Presence for Job Hunting

In today’s digital era, discovering employment opportunities has become more efficient because there are many sources of information available from digital media such as Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other digital job platforms.

Establishing your network is one of the most effective ways to find a job. This article will introduce the secret to successful job hunting in the digital era, one of which is by looking for work through networking in the digital world.

What is Job Hunting

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Job hunting is the process of finding a job or career that matches one’s qualifications and desires. People who do this activity are often referred to as job hunters, or someone who is actively looking for job opportunities.

Job Hunting activities include searching for job vacancies on the internet, sending cover letters, and participating in job fairs and other professional networking activities. In fact, 80% of all job searches are done online, and 85% of all jobs are filled through networking.

Tips for Doing Job Hunting in the Digital Age

The trend of job hunting keeps evolving from one era to another. However, it is certain that searching for job vacancies through newspapers or submitting physical job applications to companies is no longer effective. Due to the rising global competition, job hunters must adapt to current trends to enhance their chances of securing desired employment opportunities.

Standing out from the crowded job market is the answer, here are tips for doing job hunting in the digital era to catch the attention of recruiters and excel from other applicants:

Create a CV or Resume that the Company Wants

The reason behind this is that many companies use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) system, but many applicants, especially fresh graduates, have not adapted their CVs or resumes to this system. In addition, it is important to apply according to the qualifications set by the company and show them on your CV or resume.

Fun fact: 75% of job applications are rejected before the human eye sees them For example, if you are applying to be a graphic designer position, you should include the skills and experience related to the position.

If you have worked as a freelance social media content designer for a brand, rather than irrelevant experience such as writing a blog for a culinary site.

The recruiting team will be more interested in the experience and skills that match the position needed. Therefore, do not send applications carelessly without considering the required qualifications.

Tips: Include the keywords used in the qualification requirements on your CV or Resume

Create Professional Personal Branding

Personal branding can be an effective way to grab the attention of your recruiter team and increase your job hunting success. According to Forbes, in a very competitive job market environment, the results of the 2020 Harris Poll show that 70% of recruiters and HR professionals in the United States think that the online reputation of prospective employees can have an impact on hiring decisions.

This makes sense because with an active personal brand, you can show that you have a strong interest and passion to continue learning in the industry you want. In this digital era, there are many digital media that can be used to build personal branding. Perhaps the most familiar platform is LinkedIn, but that’s not all. There are several platforms that are more suitable for certain career fields. Here are some digital platforms that are often used by job seekers to build personal branding:


LinkedIn is widely used by professionals and companies around the world, so it’s a great place to attract recruiters.

On LinkedIn, job hunters can create their own personal branding with a personal profile and showcase their work experience, skills, and achievements. LinkedIn has features that support personal branding, showing your competence and personality.

For example, users can write articles or post content related to their career field of interest. This will demonstrate to potential recruiters that the user has the knowledge and skills relevant to the job position being applied for.


Youtube can be an effective personal branding platform for job seekers. Job hunters can show their personality, confidence and creativity.

This can help job seekers stand out from their competition and show recruiters that they have the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Instagram & Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest as visual platforms can become digital portfolios for job seekers working in creative industries such as video editors, photography, content creators, social media creators, and so on.

2 Instagram feeds are different from a photographer and content creator.

You can start your personal branding by posting photos and videos that show skills, portfolios, or activities that are relevant to the field of work you want.

With creative features such as collaborative posts or live streaming, job seekers can build a wider professional network and increase their chances of getting the job they want. Of course, content with creative ideas will attract the attention of a large audience and increase engagement.

Create a Clear Career Planning

Career planning is the process of knowing the gap between one’s own abilities and the expectations of the desired job role. By evaluating yourself, consider your skills, experience, interests, and values.

In this digital era, you can be whoever you want. By developing skills and having skills that can compete and contribute in the workplace, you will become highly sought after by recruiters.

The things you can try in this process are

  • Try new skills and experiences.
  • Take required skill courses (certification)
  • Find a mentor in the desired industry


We’ve already discussed using LinkedIn and other digital platforms to find work. However, establishing real-life connections through activities such as personal networking is also a highly effective approach for job hunting in the digital age. Expanding your network can be accomplished by attending events, seminars, and job fairs that are related to the industry you are interested in, which can ultimately broaden your employment prospects and assist you in discovering job opportunities that align with your skills and interests.

The goal here is to have your professional business card and some copies of your resume; it’s a great way to meet people in the industry who can assist you in your job search.

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Job Hunting Trends in the Digital Age (2023) – Most Wanted Skills in the Digital Age

a job hunter with the nfc GOTAP tag prepares for a job interview.

In this digital era, technological advances has resulted in significant changes within the employment industry. Certain types of work are gradually losing their prominence, others are experiencing a surge in demand and growth. When discussing trends and skills in the current era, perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is information technology such as IT or cybersecurity. Yups, that’s true, IT and cyber security are indeed important trends and skills in today’s digital era. However, that’s not all that matters. In this increasingly digitized era, abilities or skills that can improve human ability to interact with Machine Learning and Software and provide “human touch” at the right time will be invaluable in 2023 and the future.

According to professional platforms like Coursera and LinkedIn the Fastest Growing skills or Job Skills for 2023 are a combination of Digital & Human Skills.

How long does it take to do job hunting?

According to job hunting statistics, 65% of currently employed individuals are looking for a new job, and the average time to find a job is five months.

However, the time it takes to undertake a job hunt can vary depending on factors such as work experience, level of competition in a particular industry, and skills possessed.


Job hunting in the digital era has become easier, but with increasingly fierce competition. However, if you follow trends and hone the skills required in today’s industry, your chances of a successful job search will increase.

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